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  • Our office uses Attachmate Extra which has a built in macro language. I am trying to convert my macros over to VBA. I have a macro in the extra basic that opens a webpage and through the use of sendkeys views the source, then edits the data, through more sendkeys, and saves the file. The problem I am having is that once the source comes up, I am having problems making the system do a timed delay without losing focus on the notepad. Here is an example of the main code that is used in running the macro. In the extra basic there is a waithostquiet function which causes a pause in milliseconds.

    So I guess my main question is first is there a way outside of sendkeys to view the source of a webpage. Also does vba have a similar feature to the waithostquiet which will not cause me to lose focus on the notepad where the source code is in? I tried Application.Wait(Now + TimeValue("0:00:01")) but it still brings back the focus on excel.

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    HI there

    Interesting point

    this code opens a web page for you

    probably sombody ealse migh add more interesting points...............i will keep an eye

    h [/SIZE]

    Your Help Is Highly Appreciated

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