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  • I have a huge data set, lets say
    Wk1 Wk2 ...... WkN
    Area1 Type1 Pdt1 Val1
    Area2 Type2 Pdt2 Val2
    Area3 Type1 Pdt3 Val3
    .... ... ...
    .... ... ...
    AreaN Type1 PdtN

    I have to prepare a subset for this table, lets say for Area1, for Weeks 2 to 5 and Products 2 & 3. I need a formula that can pull in the values by looking at area, type, product and weeks.

    I believe match and index can possibly solve this. However I just cann't set it right. If you can help me with a formula that looks up for a value satisfying multiple criteria, that would be great.

    Thanks in advance,


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    It's not clear to me from your post exactly how your data is layed out (ie where the Wk1, Wk2,....,Wkn appear on your sheet. If at all possible could you post a small sample of your data and include what value you expect a formula to return based on the sample data.



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    Need more details... also as per the forum guidelines, please don't assume the answer!!!

    I would recommend Pivot table (if the data is spread across worksheets, i will consolidate using pivot table consolidation and then pull out reports based on the same.

    If you can provide a sample dummy worksheet we can solve it quickly

    Thanks: ~Yogendra

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    I am not sure if you are summing the values that meet conditions or looking up a single value.

    If the former then have you tried a D SUM? or another form of "D" formula?


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    All, thanks for your replies sofar. Sorry that I could not explain my issue properly. So let me give a second shot now.

    I have attached a file which shows the source data and output table. There is no calculation involved, it is just a data pull. Also, I cann't use pivot table here as I have 30 similar worksheets in one file with different source data.

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    Here is a worksheet with a solution... If i understand what you are hoping to achieve. essentially a DSUM with dynamic criteria solves your problem. let me recap my understanding. You have a value, i.e. a sale, each value has 3 classifications Type,Territory, and product, respectively. Totaling 8 possible classifications of A-B,T1-3, and P1-3 with many combinations. To the left of that a month. To the right of the 3 classifications are values setup in a step chart formation with weekly increments for that month. You want to pull a value from a database that meets 3 conditions/classifications i.e. A,T1,P1.

    The Dsum works as follows

    Were the data is in cell A2:G14, the number 4 is the column to pull data from, and row A19:C20, the conditions, Described as follows.....
    20...June 07.......B............T1.............P1

    Second half of solution, dynamic criteria, is in the attachment

    -Dude 8-)

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    Thanks for your reply. This seems to be a solution but I haven't got chance to implement it yet. If I run into any troubles, I would buzz you again.

    Thanks again!

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