Custom Date Series Class Schedule

  • Hello,

    I would like a simple way to make a single column whose rows are sequenced Mon, Wed, Mon, Wed, ... and have the correct dates.

    For example:

    Mon 2/11
    Wed 2/13
    Mon 2/18
    Wed 2/20
    Mon 2/25

    Cell A1 could have Mon 2/11, Cell A2 would have Wed 2/13, and so on. (20 to 50 rows)

    The ordinary Fill Series when applied to Mon Wed will continue with Fri Sun Tue Thu and so on, or it will return Mon Wed Mon Wed Mon ... with the wrong dates.

    Also, the solution should be applicable for a Tue, Thu(TTh); or Mon, Wed, Fri(MWF); or Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu (MTWTh) series.

    Thank you.

  • Re: Custom Date Series Class Schedule

    I tried an approach comfortable to me.. that is range name.

    1. I entered date with Monday (3/24) in A1
    2. While i was in cell A2, i created a range name (Menu -> Insert -> Name -> Create)
    with name = mon_wed and refers to =
    3. Now from A2 to A10 i just entered formula =mon_wed
    (actually i just pressed F3 and selected the range name)... bang... i am done

    Hope this helps

    Edit: I have attached a worksheet for your testing.. hope this helps[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;[dl]*[/dl]BTW, you can easily make edits to the formula in the range name to get the desired results as mentioned in your thread... its just left to when you add how many days :)

  • Re: Custom Date Series Class Schedule

    If you just enter the first series of dates, and then just use

    =A1+7, etc in the rest.

    For instance

    A1: 11th Feb
    B1: 13th Feb
    C1: =A1+7
    copy B1 across

    A1: 11th Feb (Mon)
    B1: 13th Feb (Wed)
    C1: 14th Feb (Thu)
    D1: 15th Feb (Fri)
    E1: =A1+7



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