Resolving Addresses With Redemption

  • I am using redemption code vba to send emails in my excel application (apparently a safer way to email using vba)

    The code is intended for users and therefore the emails would be sent by the code instead of the user (to avoid any tampering, etc by the user with sensitive information in the email)

    The main issue I am having is getting the excel vba code to resolve email names/groups without having the Outlook security warning pop up, as well as the issue of having the email get sent before the names/groups are resolved (which causes Error Number: -2147418113: "Could not resolve the message recipients" - even though the address is legitimate).

    I have simplified my code and hard coded my email variables for this example, using fake addresses instead of group names. I also replaced the .SEND command with the .DISPLAY command to view if the addresses have been resolved or not. In actuality the email addresses will be different group names that, if not resolved, would cause an error when sending with the .SEND command. (as noted in the previous paragraph)

    However, If i change the "With SafeItem.Item" statement to "With SafeItem" only (removing the ".Item" at the end), the email does display but it does not seem to be resolving, hence no security pop up appears. ("SafeItem.Recipients.ResolveAll" does not seem to be doing anything actually.)

    How can I resolve the addresses without getting the outlook warning?[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post Until 24 Hrs Passes;[dl]*[/dl]Ok I figured out how to do it so im posting the answer here for anyone else who is having this problem, as it took me a LOT of trial and error.

    In my example, I have the addresses to email on "sheet1" of the workbook. The TO line addressess are in cell A1, and the CC line addresses are in cell A2. I have semi colons (";") seperating the email address names/groups, without spaces. (You could use cell A3 for email subject and cell A4 for email body but I chose not to in this example)

    ie cell A1 is [email protected];[email protected] (could also be a group name- ie "forum_group")

    You can have as many email addresses as you want in either cell A1 or A2, as I have a loop that uses Instr() function and ubound() to add each one.

    Quote from mrfitness

    How can I resolve the addresses without getting the outlook warning?

  • Re: Resolving Addresses With Redemption

    Are we "allowed" to discuss Redemption? It bypasses Outlooks security prompts...

    I personally use this at work, though I've not had any issues like OP

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    Thanks Sicarii, I must been half asleep when I moved this. No, this forum does NOT allow discussion on bypassing ANY securtity features of any software.

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