Charts: changing default formats

  • Hi,

    I work a lot with huge excel tables, and prepare a lot of charts, the rest with a given different formatting as the default one. So it's awful changing everything one by one, on each chart.

    Does anybody know how to change the default chart formats in excel?

    For example if I need no background, but in the default settings there is... etc.

    Thanks for any kind of ideas and tricks!


  • Hi Veronika and welcome to Ozgrid,

    To change the appearance of the Default chart you can do the following.

    Create a chart and change the formats as required.

    Right click on the chart and pick Chart Types form the menu.
    On this dialog is the option to "Set as default". Click and give it a name and description.
    Now new charts should be as you want.

    Though, in my test the NO Background did not stick to the new default. :(

    Another way is to create a macro that changes the formats and run this on the neccessary charts.
    If you need help with code post back.

    Another way is to create 1 chart formatted as required then copy the chart and change the data.
    Only really practical if all the charts are the same chart style.

    You can also use the F4 to repeat a change made. Although it will only remember the very last thing.



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