Custom Toolbar .xlb File

  • Hi there

    I am tring to find the xlb file, but it does show in my laptop .

    I open and close the xl App, but still could not find it

    any idea how to creat one ? or where to find it in windows vista ?


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    Your Help Is Highly Appreciated

  • Re: .xlb File

    he contents of the .xlb file are updated whenever you quit your Excel session. It is interesting to note that this particular filename extension is only used by Excel for this one file. This means that it is very easy to locate the file using the Find File feature of Windows, and then copy the file to a safe location. (The file can be in different locations, depending on your Excel version and your operating system version.)

    It is a good practice to periodically make backups of the .xlb file and store them in a safe place. If, at some later time, your toolbars become corrupted in Excel, you can quit the program and copy the backup version of your .xlb file over the top of the corrupted file. This should then restore everything to the proper state when you again start Excel.

    As a side note, if you wanted to get rid of all your customizations at once, you could simply rename or delete the .xlb file. The next time you restart Excel, it recreates the file for you using default

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  • Re: Custom Toolbar .xlb File

    Thanks for reply jhenderson

    I use Excel 2003 and Windows vista op ?

    I used search feature tring to find the .xlb file, but it does not show ?

    Ok, got it , when opening and closing Excel app the .xlb file should be existed.

    However, tried but not know where to find it :question::question::question:

    please help

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    Your Help Is Highly Appreciated

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