Summary Report Of Shares Bought And Sold

  • A worksheet called "purchases" contains the list of shares purchased during the period 1.4.5 to 31.3.8.

    It has four columns :
    1. Date
    2. Name of the share (name is repeated for every new purchase as it is entered in a new row and is totally independent of the earlier entry of purchase)
    3. Qty
    4. Sale price

    Likewise there is a sheet for sales also.

    I want to do the following:
    a) Find out all the records showing purchases of a particular share and add them up (both quantity and value). And thus, make a list of shares showing aggregate purchase of each share during the entire year.

    Likewise, I want to do this for sales also.

    b) For every share that has been sold within one year after its purchase, apply 20% tax on the profit earned on sale of such share.

    Additional information:

    If 100 shares of A Ltd are purchased on 1.4.5 and 200 shares on 1.5.5 then during the sale of 150 shares of A Ltd on 2.4.6, 100 shares purchased on 1.4.5 and 50 shares purchased on 1.5.5 shall be deemed to have been sold.

    Please guide me on how I should go about the task.

    Thanks in advance

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    use a pivot table

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    Thanks TheDude,

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