Greek Characters Dont Display Properly

  • Hi All,
    I cant seem to get an excel file that I have received from a Greek collegue to display Greek Characters properly.

    Some of the lines in the file with Greek appear to be correct and have not been turned into gibberish.

    In addition the cell properties of both the correctly displayed cell and the gibberish cell are exactly the same and in the cell format sample the gibberish is displayed as Greek Characters.

    Ive tried formatting the corrupted cells with the uncorrupted cells format but that doesnt seem to have any effect.



  • Re: Greek Characters Dont Display Properly

    Did you try increasing the columns width or the rows height ?


  • Re: Greek Characters Dont Display Properly

    Font and cell size is the same. I have managed to fix the problem by amending my regional settings to Greek. it seems Ive found one of the quirks in dealing with different languages and alphabets in Excel.

    Thanks for the suggestions

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