Use Cell Value, If Below Value, For Calculations. Otherwise Used Fixed Value

  • Good morning again,

    Boss needs me to formulate a worksheet and I dont quite know how to tell it what it needs to do. Let me see if I can explain. The MS State Tax Credit maximum is $500 per person. I need my worksheet to give me a total of his and hers credit taken but it cannot exceed $500 each. The formula is nested inside another formula so that might make it change the way it's written a little bit.
    (D21*12)*F23+(E21*12)*G23 with the paranthesized (is that even a word?) sections being what I need to cap at $500. Can anyone help me with this please?

  • Re: Total Not To Exceed

    Quote from Sicarii

    something like?:


    Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much, the boss is happy. :wowee:

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