Lanch Internet Explorer, Input And Copy Data

  • Hi Guys

    wonder if anyone can help. I have a list of Staff ID's in column A (around 200)
    im trying to launch an intranet site, enter the staff number into an input box and search.
    Once the results appear, put the results into the cell next to the staff number (column B).
    i realise this is very difficult to assist me with, since obviously you can only access an intranet site from within
    the company but If I had to post the source code can someone point me in the right direction?

    Or am I trying to do the impossible?

    Thanks in advance


    source code:

  • Re: Lanch Internet Explorer, Input And Copy Data

    For this kind of operations i would suggest using AutoIt v3 with the Excel addon.
    It gives you exactly what you need plus you can call the program from excel!! :)

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