Copy Data By Number Values In Column To New Sheets

  • I've come across the post by Dangelor but can't reply to it directly so have started a new thread quoting the code.

    I'm trying to select entire rows of data based on specific values in a column and then paste those rows to a new worksheet.

    This code loops 10 times and creates 10 new sheets. Any chance someone could explain some of the code to me and adapt it to suit my situation?:

    Data will be in sheet 1 ("Data List"). I want search down the rows and if the value in column 2 is "1" copy that row to the sheet named "Heat 1", if the value is "2" then copy that row intt the sheet "Heat 2", etc.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I would use AutoFilter. See the attachment. Note that this assumes you do not have any completely blank rows.

    EDIT: naughty, cross-post:

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    Thanks StephenR,


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