Open Chosen Workbook & Copy Range

  • Hi

    I've got a workbook which i want a macro on it, which needs to do the following:

    1. Open a specific file (with a dialog box to choose the file if possible)
    2. Refresh all of the data in the newly opened workbook (there are 90+ sheets with external data on them)
    3. Go to the master sheet in this workbook and select a range and copy it.
    4. Return to the original workbook and paste the data.
    5. Close the workbook that we opened and save the changes.

    The workbook i have is too big to post here, however if someone could show me the basics of the VBA that would be created from this, i think i could edit it to fir what i want to do.



  • Re: Macro To Open Workbook & Copy Data


    this might get you started

    you will probably have to define other variables, when you open your workbook the external links will probably refresh automatically, unless you have that option inhibited.


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