VBA : Excel to Powerpoint

  • I have set up a Management Information system with a button that creates a powerpoint presentation with the data from excel. Can anyone tell me how I can insert a range of cells ("A7:F7") into the presentation. Can only get one cell in ("A7")

    Help Please

    Or has anyone any refrences to code of this sort of thing

  • Re: VBA : Excel to Powerpoint


    All you need to do is have your excel app open, then open the ppt for a new presentation. For each slide you need, create a new slide and use the blank option for your format for the slide.

    Return to Excel.

    Go the the worksheet you need to copy the data from. Select the range you want to include in your slide, and use Ctl+C to copy the information.

    Return to the PPT presentation and select the blank slide you created. Next go to Edit-Paste Special. You willl be prompted to use the paste as an embedded or linked object. Select the linked button.

    Now, each time you make a change in your excel presentation, it will update in your PPT application. Good Luck.

    Charlie Sheets

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