UserForm Show While Another Macro Runs Is Blank

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  • I have a modal userform that I load to warn the user that the system is busy processing a scheduled job. The form is nothing more than a screen that comes up and says "One moment please..." with the form caption set to "Processing...". When I use the form in this way, if I don't use an application.wait command the form just shows the header without the text that it shows when I look at in the in the VBA IDE. (In other words it is just blank.)

    Any ideas other that application.wait. Application.wait is causing other issues as it is known to do.

  • Re: Userform Goes Blank On Loading

    What is the code that calls and fills the userform?
    Is the

    UserForm1.Label1.Caption = "Processing ..."

    in the UF Intialize event or in the calling routine?

    One other thing, since the userform is modal, doesn't the other processing (that it is warning the user about) stop until the userform is unloaded?

  • Re: Userform Goes Blank On Loading

    There are two types of people in the world, those that can fix problems and those that stand around and look at them. Andy, you are certainly a capable fixer...

    Thanks for the help.

    Sorry Mike. Andy beat you to it. :) (P.S. I am not referring to Mike as a person that stands around looking at problems, though I do have someone in mind.)

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