Two Spreadsheets Within Powerpoint

  • I have two spreadsheet as objects within a PowerPoint page.

    I wanted to know if it is possible for the two spreadsheet to be linked to each other?

    Meaning I wanted some calculations done on spreedsheet2 from the data within spreedsheet1.

    is that possible?

    I know you can link an Excel spreadsheet within PowerPoint to another excel only spreadsheet (standalone workbook), and they both have to be open to update.

    Has anyone got any suggestions!!

    Thank you


  • Re: Two Spreadsheets Within Powerpoint


    It appears that Powerpoint accepts the objects as individual instances of the source workbook. As a result there is no link between the source and the instance (or instances) displayed on the sheet.

    One way round this may be to insert one sheet with all the data you want but to have it display in such a way that it looks like two seperate sheets.


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