AutoFill Down Rows Based On Another Columns Last Cell

  • Hello Excel Gurus!

    I have absolutly no idea how to do this, but have over the years found that pretty much anything is possible in excel, so lets see.

    I have a workbook which has one sheet "Raw Data" where I will cut and past blocks of data of various numbers of rows.

    Another sheet "level one calcs" conducts various calculations on the raw data.

    I was wondering if there would be any way to create a macro which would copy down (autofill) the last row of my my calculation page for the exact number of rows I added into the raw data.

    The goal here would be so that I dont have to highlight and copy down the formulas on the calc sheet each time I add in new data.


  • Re: Macro Autofill Down Varibale Number Of Rows

    Try this:

    Sub Macro1()
    Dim Rng As Long, Rng1 As Range
     Rng = Sheets("sheet2").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row' the range of entries
       With Sheets("Sheet1")
        .Range("E1:E" & Rng).FillDown ' the range where the formula is in the first cell
        End With
    End Sub
  • Re: AutoFill Down Rows Based On Another Columns Last Cell

    Thanks for that - but it dosnt quite seem to do what I want, but it definatly got me a lot closer! let me try to be a bit more specific.

    On sheet "raw data" I will be pasting the additional rows (each month as new data comes in).

    On sheet "Level 1 Calculations" I have formulas in each of the colums starting from row A6 (through AC6). Many of these formulas are just to copy data in from raw data, but others are more complex.

    I want to copy down these formulas for the number of rows that will exist (including the additions) on Raw data. Raw data sheet also starts its data at A6 but only goes to S6.

    Example - before I add anything both Raw Data and Level 1 Calculations have rows A6-A2,000 filled with data. I add in the monthly data into Raw Data giving it data in rows A6-A2065. I want to copy down the formulas in each of the columns far enough to include the new data (from A6 to A2065).

    Thanks!!! I hope soon Ill be on the other side of the asking/answering side of this forum.

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