Using Barcodes to enter data in to Excel

  • I am considering using a barcode reader to scan numbers into Excel. Each time a number is input I would like Excel to automatically move to the next row down
    without having to press Enter.

    Is this possible?
    Is this easy to configure?

    Charles W

  • Hi Charlesw17

    You *might* be able to use this code

    Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
        If Target.Column = 1 Then
           Target(2, 1).Select
        End If
    End Sub

    You must place this in the Private Module of the Sheet Object. to get there, right click on the sheet name tab, select "View Code" and paste it straight in. It is set to run ONLY if the destination column is "A". Depending on how the bar codes are placed into Excel will determine if the Change Event is fired.

  • Chris

    POS systems, Ok so how do I explain that one??

    Point of Sale

    Like when you buy a pack of fags in Sainsbury’s [local mall] and they girls swipes the fags and the PC goes BLIP!!!! That’s POS in action, and reads the codes to the PC and converts into


    Blar Blar Balr

    That’s it!!

    In Excel you can, you’re require a device USB2 that’s designed to run bar codes, each is unique and mean X product and you input Y detains to X product and that’s about it really.

    The hardware [Bar scanner] should be bought witch such software to do all this and I would expect so or I would give it back

    I do not see it as unreasonable to expect downloads to Excel, or next best its own manufactures software for reporting basis.

    NEED to check Excel compatibility of that’s what you desire, I’m sure they are self contained so exportation file compatibility issues are / would be at a premium here I feel.

    Years since I played with such devices thou:

    Jack in the UK

  • I have a price for a barcode reader to do the job in mind and for a fee I am sure that they will supply all the software I could imagine, but as a barcode scanner only replicates the action of keying in a number and as my number is 16 digits, and I might have 60,000 to key 4 times per year and not being the greatest on the keyboard scanning the number in to column A in Excel seemed like a logical place to investigate.

    If that works I shall be delighted.

    If not maybe I will have to dip my hand deeper in to my pocket - but I am feedup of buying software which seldom if ever gets used when I have something available to do the job.

    Charles Willcock

  • I understand maybe try to see if you can purchase a competitors alternative to run on the scanner your need heavy investigation to GUARANTEE compatibility.

    These are free shareware or freeware sites you can download and trial, free and legal.

    Worth checking out

    Jack in the UK

  • CharlesW17,

    If you want to have the activecell move down after entry for all the columns in your worksheet you could use one of the following:

    1. This is a two step method where we manipulate the MoveAfterReturn.

    'This turns it on when
    'you activate the sheet.
    Private Sub Worksheet_Activate()
    With Application
    .MoveAfterReturn = True
    .MoveAfterReturnDirection = xlDown
    End With
    End Sub

    'This turns it off when you
    'deactivate the sheet.
    Private Sub Worksheet_Deactivate()
    With Application
    .MoveAfterReturn = False
    End With
    End Sub

    2. One step For / Next modification of Daves suggestion.

    'there are 256 columns in a sheet
    For Column = 1 To 256
    Target(2, 1).Select

    Hope these also help.



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