[Solved] Formulas : Counting Checkboxes

  • Hi all.

    I have a simple log sheet with columns of exclusive option boxes (in each row, pick only one from column A-D) and checkboxes (also in each row, pick any number of boxes from columns E-J). I'd like to sum the count of boxes that are checked at the bottom of each column.

    The simple question is: How is that accomlished? Does each box need its own code, or what?


  • If the boxes and buttons are from the Forms toolbar, it would be easiest to link them to cells, and add up cell values.

    If they are from the controls toolbox (or if you don't want to link your forms toolbar controls to spreadsheet cells), you can write a macro to loop through all of them, add up their values, and write the total in the cell.

    The macro code will depend on the type of controls you're using.

  • Thanks both. I knew that there was a method to link the checkboxes to cells, but I was hoping for a shortcut, like some kind of way to select all the boxes at once and set them to link to an array of cells ... sigh.

    Dave, I think I would like your method of just checking in the cells themselves, and forgetting about the Forms checkboxes, but I didn't want to fool with the coding for the 'exclusive' buttons. (For example, check ONLY ONE from column A, B, C or D.)

    So I'm using the 'Forms' checkboxes, and working through the forumulas I need to sum and count what's checked.


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