Generating New Files According To Data

  • Hi Guys, I have a follwoing code that split data from a worksheet to new Excel files where the column "B" is a file name.

    Running macro on attached excel file will create three new files: Ford.xls, Toyota.xls, Wolkswagen.xls. The content of each file will be its models.

    In order to create new excel file with a copied data, I need to generate doc files and to append relevant data in the word file. The data must be appended between a template strings Text1 and Text2 (a doc file attached).

    Any solution will be kindly appreciated..

  • Re: Generating New Files According To Data

    Following macro scan xls files from "DestinationPath" , copy file content to doc taken from template.doc and save it in "DestinationPath" folder.

    I wrote something like, but in a row of "'Open word file
    " it is working very slowly

    Guys, please assist to find what's wrong..

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