Add Tertiary Y Axis To Chart/Graph

  • Hi,

    I am looking to add a tertiary Y-axis to my chart. I was searching through the internet and came across Jon Peltier's page:

    However, I think he nomore has the process of adding a tertiary axis on the page. It would be nice if someone could point to the resource if it is available anywhere else. Any other pointers would also be appreciated.

    Also would it be possible to hide the markers and the labels of the tertiary axis?


  • Re: Tertiary Y Axis


    That page does not have any data about making tertiary axis. Jon has added various other techniques to plot multiple series but the tertiary axis part has been removed from the page I guess.


  • Re: Add Tertiary Y Axis To Chart/Graph

    The techniques Jon uses to create the other chart types, such as panel, can be used to create the third axis.

    Basically you use a xy-series to draw the required axis.

    But I strongly recommend you read Jon's comments as to why adding a 3rd axis will possible add confusion to your chart. Consider using one of the alternative chart styles Jon mentions.

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