List All Worksheets & Link To Them

  • I have many worksheets in my spreadsheet. In my first worksheet, I want to write a list of all the worksheets starting from column A1, and then in column A2, I want to be able to run a formula to link the cell in A1 to a specific set of cells in the other worksheet.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Re: Return Data From Referencing A Particular Cell And Worksheet

    and welcome

    Right click on the first sheet in your workbook and copy this

    This will list all sheets in the workbook and will create a hyperlink to each sheet. It will also create a hyperlink in A1 on each sheet sHowing "Back to Index". You may wish to suppress this.

    In order to achieve the second part of your requirement amend the Range("A1") to your needs

    This code was suggested to me a couple of years ago by a member of this forum to whom all the credit should go

    Hope this helps


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