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  • Hi All,

    One of the biggest issues I am having is producing VBA code to email the current workbook as an attachment in LOTUS NOTES. I know you can reference the object, but I don't know how to actually get it started. I can't use the application.sendmail method because it uses the useless Microsoft Exchange app (I need to send it via Lotus Notes)

    Any assistance would be appreciated



  • I can not seem to find a working example of this script, could someone pls post it again. The one that I have seems to execute, but then Lotus Notes stops responding.



  • Hi Brian - Download the spreadsheet I've posted in this forum - works fine with Lotus Notes - have just updated the code that I've been using for some time - have not had any problems with it - Phil

  • Hi Mura - When you say 'send stationery mail' do you mean - Just a normal e-mail with no attachment???

    If so then look at the new code posted on this site - I changed the code simply to allow the user to send an e-mail with or without the attachment. I can't post the example as the attachment system is still down :(

    However I can e-mail it direct if you want. - The example still uses a Userform - but again this is not necessery as it could be driven by typing data directly into cell's or inputboxes - or from a range if multiple people require the e-mail.

    The code was never written by me - just put together to get something that worked so I can't really take any credit, it's easier to play with something that works than it is to actually design a macro like this from scratch.


  • Hi Phil,

    Thank you very much for your respose. Stationery mail in Lotus notes is a mail template. We create mail templates, which are saved in stationery folder in lotus notes. I dont know whether such feature is there in Outlook.

    Kris Reddy

  • hi Mura - OK this is where the fun begins............

    Basicly I'm not sure how the template system works within Lotus Notes - or how the call routine to allow you to change the templates.:(

    However I suspect the following code within the current system selects the type of e-mail form to use:

    Set MailDoc = Maildb.CreateDocument
    MailDoc.Form = "Memo"

    Here we are setting up the object type and defining the type of object form. I think you will find that your templates will have different names for each type of form. Again - it's a bit like the blind leading the blind!!!!!!

    But that would be where I would start. Sorry I can't be of more help - as I don't have any templates within my Lotus Notes - and as it's on our network at work I can't play with it!!!!

    Good luck in your quest - The only other suggestion I have is to contact:

    Ivan Moana - He's a bit of a guru with this type of thing :pcangry:

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