Show Only Working Days From Dates

  • hi..
    iam working on some overriding of dates..
    i have a set dates say ( d1, d2, d3,d4,........)
    iam working on a macro, to skip the holidays and weekend dates
    A1 = 12/06/08
    A2 = 13/06/08
    A3 = 14/06/08
    A4 = 15/06/08
    A5 = 16/06/08...where 14ht and 15th are weekends..

    so i need to over write then as :

    A1 = 12/06/08
    A2 = 13/06/08
    A3 = 16/06/08
    A4 = 17/06/08

    any help is much appritiated

  • Re: Macro To Show Only Working Days

    No need for a macro. Place this in a helper column

    =IF(WEEKDAY(A1,2)>5,"Delete","") then filter on the word delete and then delete selected rows

    or with some code

    VBA Noob

  • Re: Show Only Working Days From Dates

    There are some other ways to do this using Find and such. In this method, set your dates to check from A2 on Sheet1 and the holiday dates on Sheet2 starting at A2.

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