Conditional Font Colors

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    We use a several Excel files to keep track of who has booked retail space with us. We have a main sheet that has every space within every shopping Mall we deal with. We then have different files for each Mall (this is so we can email the file to the shopping mall to show who is booked in each space but they don't see all the other shopping malls details). We have the other files set-up to read information from the main sheet so when we update a cell with the booked companies name it updates a cell on the relevant file.

    This part all works fine, but we also change the booked companies colour depending on if they have they have paid, not paid or awaiting invoice. Currently we change this by hand on the main file then on the other files. I am hoping someone maybe able to explain a way of adding to the formula we already use to update the relevant cells automatically to enable the font (or cell if its easier) colour change to be carried across to the other files.

    I'm not sure if this is possible via formula or if it will need a VB script or if its not possible at all! Any help will be gratefully received!

    It is worth noting that the cells are not in the same place on each file (i.e a cell on the main form in position A2 might be updating a cell D7 on the other file).

    Thanks in advance!

  • Re: Change Font Color Across Sheets

    Using formula will only work in conditional formatting - without a sample workbook showing before and after results and based on what criteria we would probably be unable to help you!

    Conditional Font Colors

  • Re: Change Font Color Across Sheets

    Hopefully this might be able to help you. Its one of the sub files that reads from the main workbook. The information pulled from the main workbook is just a direct copy i.e NPower is entered into a particular cell on the main workbook and automatically shows NPower in the corresponding cell in Forum.xls.

    From the attached file you can se the 3 colour changes we use for this sheet. We would love to be able to make the colour changes (currently we change the colour of the font but are happy to change the cell colour if its easier) in the main file and have it update the sub sheets like the one attached.

    I hope this helps and thanks for the help.

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