Auto Fill Drop Down List Based On Item Chosen In Another

  • I am creating an order form for my business and I'm completely lost and confused. I have 12 items that I'm trying to incorporate into drop down boxes. Ultimately I want to be able to click on the drop down box, select item A, and have it populate the correct information for that item in the cell immediately to the right. I need it to do this several times to allow for color, size, price, etc. So for example, I need to click on the first drop down box and select A, which will populate Nike Golf Shirt in the cell to the right. Then, in the cell next to that, I need a drop down box for color. Next to that, I need a drop down box for size, which I will need to populate a coordinating price in the next cell. Someone please help, I'm in a bind (This will be the last time I volunteer to create an order

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