Formula For Matching Dates And Returning Values

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  • Hi all,

    I am stuck with a problem that I cannot solve by myself. An explanation - I have a worksheet with a data sheet that has the values for a number of portfolios over a time period (one month)then I have a corresponding sheet for each portfolio (in the attached example I have included only portfolio 1). What I am trying to do is to make a formula in the sheet Portfolio 1 that matches the date in the Portfolio 1 sheet with the data sheet and by matching the date returning the value for the Portfolio 1 for the date ie date 2008-06-01 should return for portfolio 1 (from the data sheet) 500.

    I have tried with varying Index and matching formulas and I do believe that this is the way to go. Can anyone help?

  • Re: Formula For Matching Dates And Returning Values

    Wow, I am impressed - I did not know that you could do a double match from an index!! That is great!

    Thanx alot :)


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  • Re: Formula For Matching Dates And Returning Values

    In cell B3 of Portfolio1:


    and copy down.

    This uses the Portfolio number in cell B1 of the Portfolio sheet, which I assume would be changed for your other Portfolio sheets.

    NB. However, having one sheet per portfolio might hinder you in further data analysis.

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