Saving Sheet As Tab Delimited Text

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    Hi all
    I have a problem I hope you can help me with.
    I have a workbook with sheets of data that should be imported into another system. So i would like some code that does the following:
    1.) make a copy of worksheet x and paste (paste special) the values in a new worksheet.
    2.) Delete row 1 in new worksheet (the labels)
    3.) Ask the user for a file name and path and save the worksheet as a tab delimited txt file.
    4.) Delete the worksheet created in 1.)
    5.) Leave the user with the original .xls file
    I will assign this macro to a button so the experience for the user is:
    1.) press button
    2.) input file name and location and have a text file saved
    3.) be left in the original xls document.
    I tried with the following code but get stuck with this error : "Run-time error 91: Objeck variable or with block variable not set."

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