Sudoku Auto Solver

  • Using a lot of information found in the help posts, I have created a nifty Sudoko solver that is quite compact, fast and solves (reportedly) the world's toughest Sudoku challenge!

    The file is too large to add to this post, so send me a note (Radioflyer54) to get your open copy!

    The file comes preloaded with the IA Escargot puzzle, according to sources on the internet to have been developed by a Finnish (uh - that would be Finnish and NOT fiendish) mathematician Arto Inkala, that took him three months to design (although personally I have browsed some 18 clue puzzles which I found to be much tougher!).

    The code is well commented English so should be comprehensible for most readers.

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the code - to make it more efficient, effective or whatever. Permission is granted to use the code anyway you want with the exception of for commercial purposes.

  • Might need to check out your solution. I've been making one of my own. It doesn't generate NEW puzzles I just use mine to help me solve ones I can't figure out on my own ..... I do keep alot of puzzles on hand so that I can figure out new solution techniques and try to program them.

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