3D XY Scatter Charts

  • Recenly A Friend of mine came with a peculiar requirement. He would like to have floating points in 3D Space. He has x, y, z dimensions. For specific x,y,z combintation he wanted to have a point in space on a graph. Is this possible in XL. I tried various combinations but was unsuccessful. Hope the experts in here can guide me.


    Ram P

    Ram P

  • I was able to obtain a file that shows me 3D Charts. But I am unable to figure it out how it is been done. Can anyone have a look at it and then tell me how it is done....

    I shall be very much helpful to your efforts.

    Ram P

    Ram P

  • That's downright scary.

    Where did you find that one?
    Is Andy Pope the original author?

    In this example, someone very clever (perhaps Andy Pope?) has used math rules to model a 3D XYZ chart using the standard XY scatter chart.

    Probably the most interesting thing I've seen so far this year.

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  • No doubt I'll have to checkout Mr. Pope's website later...

    I didn't mean it was scary as in, "hey it might not work". I meant it more as a complement in that whoever came up with it is brilliant.

    I did say I thought it was the most interesting thing I saw so far this year.

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  • Aaron

    I did check out your site also. Ites really informative. Probably some experts can give me the methodology of how this is made. I am raking my brains for the last 48 hours!!!

    Ram P

    Ram P


    From a quick look at it he's used a standard 2D scatter and superimposed an X,Y,Z plane using line graphs. He's then kept the spacial relationships between the plotted points and the planes through the SIN, COS calculations, Scroll Bar values and derived values.

    That is sooooooo cool.

    I'm jealous.


    Sorry but I couldn't resist having a play with Andy's incredible creation.

    Simply regraphed it on a seperate page did a bit of colouring in and put in some new scroll bars to allow for real time updated viewing of the graph as it rotates around.

    Man alive I'm impressed with this thing and can think of a zillion uses. Might use it to plot out planetry movements around the sun.


  • Dave Hawley was kind enough to email me letting me know that my 3d rotate workbook was causing a bit of a buzz on this forum.

    So I thought I'd have a look see.

    :thumbup:Thanks for the positive comments.


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