Trigger VBS from VBA ?

  • Hi All,

    Does anyone know how to trigger off a Visual Basic Script from VBA.

    I need to carry out a File System Object command outside of Excel (so the user can keep working) and have written a small VBS to do this. The problem I am having is trying to get it to run from VBA.



  • Hi AJW

    You can use the Shell command to launch your script, e.g:

    Shell "wscript c:\winnt\scripts\test.vbs"


  • Thanks Fwind,

    I've tried that for Windows 98 but it didn't work.

    Shell "wscript C:\WINDOWS\Update Package.vbs"

    Even tried moving the *.vbs file around to different locations and repathing the command but the same result.

    Keep getting an error message saying:

    "There is no file extension in "C:\WINDOWS\Update"

    Maybe I'm pathing it incorrectly ??



  • DHO!!

    Just figured it out.

    I'm using a space in the file name which Wscript is interpreting as a \ .

    Which means it was looking for a directory instead of a file.

    My correct code should now look like this:

    Shell "wscript C:\Windows\UpdatePackage.vbs"

    and not this:

    Shell "wscript C:\Windows\Update Package.vbs"



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