Macro Code Error Due To Missing References

  • I have a large Excel 2003 spreadsheet with macros that I use on my work computer. I attempted to work on this spreadsheet from my home computer (by simply copying it to my home computer), but for some reason I'm having trouble with getting simple code to function. I am using the same version of 2003 at work and at home (well supposedly -- I am using software intended for home-use that was given to me by work IT).

    When I try to run any of the code I get the VBA Error (1004) message on a simple line such as:

    for i = 1 to 20

    It chokes on the "i" saying it does not have the proper libraries and such. Same thing for the Chr() function!

    So then I tried buildng a new macro in a completely new workbook to test this. In this new workbook, created on my computer at home, the FOR statement and Chr() function work perfectly.

    Can anyone tell me why this might be happening?


    Excel 2003
    WinXP (in both places)

  • Re: Error 1004 Porting Code From One Computer To Another


    When at home with this file you go (within the VBE) Tools>References do you spot any references labelled MISSING? Something like this has happened to me before moving from one version of Excel to another (because the type libraries are different). However, you are staying within the same version onf Excel/Office, so this may be of no help.


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