adding a 'target' value line in graph????

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  • I need to add a target value line into some graphs but do not know how. Ive got a series of values that are placed in a standard column graph (5 values in the spreadsheet) and want to add a line into the graph based on a single value from the spreadsheet (acting as a target value). If this makes any sense then help would be much appreciated!



  • excellent, didnt realise you could change chart type for each series. Is there a way of of making the line go across the whole chart though? I'll give a better description of what im trying to do.....

    X-axis has company departments on while Y-axis is money(£). I want a line going accross the chart which shows the target £. If i put the value in as a series it only shows up next to the first department. I think that explains it better!


    Phil Adams

  • Try selecting data series in the first department and change the chart type. Else you can add the same data to all the departments and then change the chart type. Hope this helps.

    Ram P

    Ram P

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