Using data sources from Excel in Word

  • Im trying to use multiple data sources in a Word mail merge letter that are taken from tables in an Excel workbook.
    I've already set up one data source from a table in one of Excel worksheets. This has address details for my letter in word.
    Now i want to set up a different data source to be used in the same letter. The data needs to come from the same Excel worbook but from a different worksheet.
    This is causing porblems because Word doesn't recognize TWO data sources being used in the same document and it cancels out the older data source.

    Is there any way around this???

    or do i have to change my Excel workbook so that all the data i want to use comes from one single table.

    Any ideas? thanks:rolleyes:

  • Ermm

    I’ve always found one data source is best, little help bar a reference call

    Hope some assistance

    Jack in the UK

    BTW this is a failing in Word a composite version on VBA Excel will not suffer, but this utilty of Jacks is very proto type just now, soon as ill post it for all.

    BUT Down side is I can merger 1700 documents in 30 seconds where my utility will only do 18 a minute >>>>>> Arggggg!!!

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