Merging into Tables [SOLVED]

  • Goodmorning. I'm merging information from an Excel spreadsheet into a table in the middle of a Word document. Some times the information will take up the entire table (four columns and five rows long) and sometimes only one or two rows.

    Question: How do I get the Word document to display spacing for only one or two rows if the others are not used? I've removed the borders so the chart doesn't show, but it still leaves a blank space following the table before going on to the next paragraph.

    I tried using End Record/If Blank but it won't let me use that command inside the table.

    Thank you, Terry

  • Nevermind. I decided to remove the table and use If/and/else statements for headings and made this information free flow into the Word document. It looks good.
    Thanks anyway (in case anyone read and was reviewing).

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