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    Excel 2007 AVERAGEIF The AVERAGEIF function, one of Excel's statistical functions, is used to find the average of values in cells that meet certain criteria.

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    I have an issue with a problem that I have been trying to resolve all day... I have a group of numbers with the first two letters leading the group of six to seven trailing numbers.

    ie: af654789

    What I am trying to do is code the excel spreadsheet to pull the first two alphabet characters and move it to the next cell.

    =IF(ISTEXT(LEFT($A1,2)),LEFT(A1,2)," ")


    My problem is I want to analyze the remaining values so that I can use them for the second step of my analysis which will be concatenating them depending on of values that I am comparing them to.

    1. =IF(ISTEXT(LEFT($C13,2)),LEFT($C13,2),"")

    2. =IF(ISTEXT(LEFT($C13,2)),RIGHT($C13,6),"")

    3. =CONCATENATE(F13,E13)

    4. =IF(G13>0,G13,"No SSO Identified")

    5. =CONCATENATE(H13,E13)

    6. =IF(G13>0,G13,"No SSO Identified")

    7. =IF(LEN(I13)<9,"No SSO Identified",I13)


    This is all good with the exception of I am really starting to confuse myself.

    What I would like to do is take the beginning value and check to see if the first to letters or characters if they are to move them to the next field.

    If the next trailing characters are numbers which should be six to seven I want to move them to another cell in the same row.

    Doing this I will have a prefix and suffix columns.

    Once this is done I need to concatenate them to check if that number exist in our network system.

    In the formula cell I want to check to see if the first two characters are alphabets characters if they are not I want to generate a comment within the cell informing that number does not exist. If it does I want it to display the first two characters and the remaining seven characters in different cells. How can this be done?

    Thanks in advance!

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