• Hello everyone. I just discovered this site and I am excited to have it as a resource. Here's what I am working on doing:

    We would like to set up a Workbook in excel such that Sheet1 has a list
    of 100 items and then Sheet2-Sheet101 contain details on these items. We
    want to link them such that if we select item #25 on Sheet1, it will bring
    us right to Sheet25 to add information and save.

    I would really appreciate any info as to how to do this. Thanks!!



  • Hi Jeremy,

    Welcome to the board :)

    Here's a procoedure that will create a table of contents with hyperlinks:

    <PRE&gt;<BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;Sub </FONT&gt;Create_TOC()
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;Dim </FONT&gt;wbBook <FONT color=blue&gt;As</FONT&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt; Workbook</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;Dim </FONT&gt;wsActiveSheet <FONT color=blue&gt;As</FONT&gt; Worksheet, wsSheet <FONT color=blue&gt;As</FONT&gt; Worksheet
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;Dim </FONT&gt;lnRow <FONT color=blue&gt;As</FONT&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt; Long</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;Set </FONT&gt;wbBook = ActiveWorkbook
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;With </FONT&gt;Application
    <BR&gt; .DisplayAlerts =<FONT color=blue&gt; False</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt; .ScreenUpdating =<FONT color=blue&gt; False</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;End With</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;On Error</FONT&gt; <FONT color=blue&gt;Resume </FONT&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;Next</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;With </FONT&gt;ActiveWorkbook
    <BR&gt; .Worksheets("Contents").Delete
    <BR&gt; .Worksheets.Add Before:=Worksheets(1)
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;End With</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;On Error</FONT&gt; <FONT color=blue&gt;GoTo</FONT&gt; 0
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;Set </FONT&gt;wsActiveSheet = wbBook.ActiveSheet
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;With </FONT&gt;wsActiveSheet
    <BR&gt; .Name = "Contents"
    <BR&gt; .<FONT color=blue&gt;Range</FONT&gt;("A1").Value = "Contents"
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;End With</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;lnRow = 2
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;For </FONT&gt;Each wsSheet In wbBook.Worksheets
    <BR&gt; <FONT color=blue&gt;If </FONT&gt;wsSheet.Name <> wsActiveSheet.Name Then
    <BR&gt; wsActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add wsActiveSheet.Cells(lnRow, 1), "", _
    <BR&gt; SubAddress:="'" & wsSheet.Name & "'!A1", _
    <BR&gt; TextToDisplay:=wsSheet.Name
    <BR&gt; lnRow = lnRow + 1
    <BR&gt; <FONT color=blue&gt;End If</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;Next</FONT&gt; wsSheet
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;With </FONT&gt;Application
    <BR&gt; .DisplayAlerts =<FONT color=blue&gt; True</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt; .ScreenUpdating =<FONT color=blue&gt; True</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;End With</FONT&gt;
    <BR&gt;<FONT color=blue&gt;End Sub</FONT&gt;

  • Put this on your first sheet.
    In this example the index is listed in Column A. If someone clicks on A1 and A1 contains 2 then they will be taken to Sheet2. If they click on cell A5 and A5 contains Whatever, they will be taken to sheet SheetWhatever.

    Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
    col_desc = 1 '1=column A, 2=column B etc...
    this_row = ActiveCell.Row
    this_dest = "sheet" & Cells(this_row, col_desc).Value
    On Error Resume Next
    Select Case Target.Address
    Case Cells(this_row, col_desc).Address: Application.Goto Worksheets(this_dest).[a2]
    End Select
    End Sub

  • Thanks so much for the extensive reply Dennis. I took a look at your website also, had to translate to English, though. (My sister may have been able to understand a little, she lived in Denmark for a year and a half and learned Danish) Well, the reply you posted looks like a type of subroutine programing. I've never written any programing in Excel so I don't know how to start. Is this subrouting something I enter directly in the cell?

  • Egad, Thanks for the response you posted. It looks like what I am looking for, however I have never done any programing of this sort in excel. Is the subroutine you posted something I enter directly into a cell or how do I apply it?

  • You have to put the code into the sheet1 VBA Module
    1) In Excel click on Tools-Macro-VB Editor
    2) In the VB Editor - Under Microsoft Excel Objects -Click on Sheet1 (or whatever your index sheet is)
    3) paste this code into the blank area on the right
    4) the code is set up for Column A but you can change this to another column (ie col_desc=3 = column C)
    5) anytime some clicks on a cell in that column it will take then to "Sheet"&cellvalue.
    6) you can remove the "sheet" if your sheets have descriptive names (not sheet1, sheet2 etc..)

    Hope this helps. (don't hesitate if you have more q's).

  • Doug,

    I put in column A on sheet1 in cells A1-A10 the words, Chemical1, Chemical2...Chemical10. Then I changed the name of sheet1 to "Index" and the made ten consecutive sheets labeled Chemical1 to Chemical10. Then I went through all the instructions you gave me and pasted the subroutine you gave me. Then I went back the the index and clicked on "Chemical1" but it didn't take me to the sheet I named "Chemical1" I must just be missing one step. Is there a compile button I need to press first? Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks!!

  • J,
    1) Take the: "sheet" & out of my code. It is redundant.
    2) Make sure the macro is located in your "Index" VB sheet module.

    Doug (fingers crossed)

  • Doug,

    You're the man, it worked!! :guitar: Slam! I should be able to transfer this to the actual file I'm working with but if I have trouble I'd like to be able to email you. Let me know if that's all right. Thanks again!


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