[Solved] Formulas : Sequentially number selected items in a

  • Afternoon !

    I have a long list made up of about 8 different text items,

    I want to sequentially number each FG item .... ignoring the rest .... eg ..

    FG 0001
    FG 0002
    FG 0003
    FG 0004

    Any clever way to do this ??



  • Try this

    Sub refit()
    Dim rngCell As Range
    Dim strmyint As Long
    strmyint = 1
    For Each rngCell In Range("A1:A100")
    If rngCell.Value = "FG" Then
    rngCell.Offset(0, 1).Value = "FG" & strmyint
    strmyint = strmyint + 1
    End If

    Next rngCell
    End Sub

    It will post FG1,FG2,FG3 etc in the column to the right of each instance of FG in A1:A100 ... amend ranges to suit your data

  • AZMVP....

    I'm doing something wrong !

    I made a test sheet with a1:a20 .

    Assigned your code to a macro button.

    ...but nothing happens when I click the button


  • The following would deal with both Upper & Lowercase entries

    Hope this helps

  • Here is a rather simple method:

    Filter the list on FG
    On the 1st FG item; chg to FG 0001
    Drag and fill down the filtered list.
    Unfilter the list and you will have a sequentialy numbered list

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