Convert Mm:ss To Decimal Minutes

  • I have a group of numbers that I need to convert from mm:ss formatting to decimal minute format such as 10 minutes 30 seconds (10:30 to 10.50) or (08:22 to 08.366). I have read the threads that show how to convert decimal minutes to seconds but I wasn't able to convert around to the solution I need.

    Thanks for your valuable time.

  • Re: Convert Mm:ss To Decimal Minutes

    Thanks dcraker, I had tried that formula and it didn't work but when I got your reply I tried again and still no luck so I started looking at the format of the cells I was trying to convert and found that was my problem, once I retyped in the mm:ss it worked as it should.
    Thank you for the reply and for forcing me to look deeper for the problem.

  • Re: Convert Mm:ss To Decimal Minutes

    sorry, I put in the wrong information that would have confused people more than necessary

    good that you figured it out.
    What did your end results look like anyways?

  • Re: Convert Mm:ss To Decimal Minutes

    Once I corrected the cells that had been imported (2:15) to (02:15) the formula worked as stated - 2.25. I'm really not sure why I had to re-type the cells in but once I did I got the desired results.
    Thanks again.

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