• There is a little bug in 2007 excel. The scroll lock will all by its little self change from off to on.
    and when it does you cannot get excel to release it.
    What you have to do is shut down the computer and reboot "not restart" but a full shut down

    It happened to me today

    info comes from Microsoft

    "The problem with designing vba code completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of a complete fool."

  • Re: Scroll Lock

    To turn off the Scroll Lock (since new keyboards no longer have the toggle "Scroll Lock" key) you can turn on the "Virtual Keyboard" where it still exists. Depending on your Windows version, on your Start Menu go to All Programs / Accessories / Ease of Access and activate the "On-Screen Keyboard." It is labeled "SLK" (for Screen Lock, I guess).

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