Deleting data

  • I have a problem which is probably to do with options but i have no idea how to solve it and it is driving me nuts.... i have a worksheet with data and all i want to do is delete a range of cells eg a1:c16. I select the cells and hit delete, but all that happens is the data in cell a1 is deleted. Please help

  • I don't know if this applies, but if you have typed anything into the first cell (e.g., a space) after you've selected the range and before you hit the delete key -- or if you have clicked in the edit window in the Menu bar before hitting the delete key -- then Excel will think you are editing the contents of the first cell and the delete key and next ENTER will affect only that cell. This is the only way I've come close to replicating the problem you describe.

    P.S. What happens if you do a Ctrl+Enter after the first cell goes blank?

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