Fill Drop Down Based On Choice From Another

  • Hi

    I use excel 2003 and am hopeless with excel would appriciate some help

    What I want to do is
    lets say in the drop down menu I have options Food, sports, Movies

    now if I select Sports
    then it should give me a sub caterory options like baseball, hockey, football and not the options for food & movies as well - so as to make the choices lesser and more user friendly

    How do I create that - is it too tough - I am a novice in excel

    Can you upload an example sheet with tips on how you did it.

    I have uploaded an example its not much but hope it helps you to understand what I need.

    Thanks in advance

  • Re: Fill Drop Down Based On Choice From Another

    Thanks a lot jamierodgers & AAE

    That was fantastic - I hope I have enough brain power to modify it to my requirment

    AAE as a matter of fact I did see the link to Dependant page - but based on my search skills I saw it only after the question was put up.

    Thanks a buncg guys

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