Set & Save Default Options Globally

  • This might be sort of a Windows Office question, but I’m sure there is someone that knows the answer out there.

    Using Excel 2003
    When you go to the Tool-> Options menu of excel you get a window that displays various tabs with various options.

    I’m looking for the location of the file or files that keep these settings.

    Why? I work for a company that controls its thousands of computers by rolling out the same software with the same settings over its network. Nothing can be installed with out be set up on the master server. Every time you restart your machine anything new gets taken away and settings reapplied to the settings stored on the default roll out server.

    Today for the first time they changed something with MS office. All my options in Excel got played around with. Random stuff got switch on, like R1C1 referencing and even the 1904 date system. Other stuff got switched off.

    What I’m trying to do is to located the file that is save locally on my machine and copy it after I have set up the options the way I want them. If there is ever another roll out from our companies master server I can just do a roll out of my own with the old file and everything back to the way I had it.

    Any information on where to look to find these files would be appreciated.


  • Re: Saving And Loading Default Options

    I think these are stored in the Book.xlt file, which is the default template for workbooks.

    Try setting your preferred defaults, save the file as a template file type named Book.xlt, save it in the Xlstart folder.

    Also, save a copy to a backup folder so that later, as needed, you can "restore" your lost defaults by copying the file in the Xlstart folder.

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