Add New Series To Charts

  • Hi Guys,
    I have a problem with this code, i am trying to add 50 new data series and it takes hell of a lot of time to do it manually. can any one please advise ...

  • Re: Add New Series To Charts

    Just a're telling the code to loop until 'total' is less than 100 yet it starts out being less than 100 so wouldn't that mean it's done?

    Maybe something more like this:

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    I think that Total in speech marks is causing a problem. This seems to work, although it creates a new chart rather than amends an old one.

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    I've amend the spreadsheet so that it works but it is too big to upload.

    Here is the code.

    You need to change a couple of things.

    Change the location of the chart to be a chart and call it Chart1
    Get rid of the total at the bottom of the data as it gets entered as a series. Amend the forumulas in column I to divide by SUM($F$£:$F$63)

    Any problems, send me your email address and I'll mail the file

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