Tring to sort files to a different page

  • ok i want to sort files to different pages, this is how it is set up

    Logon cbourassa YORK tue date/time
    Logoff cbourassa YORK tue date/time
    Logon cbourassa YORK wed date/time
    Logoff cbourassa YORK wed date/time
    Logon eleighton BangKOK tue date/time
    Logoff eleighton BangKOK tue date/time
    Logon eleighton BangKOK wed date/time
    Logoff eleighton BangKOK wed date/time

    how would i sort them by user name (column b) to there own seprate page

  • I think your question was a bit vague .. thats why no replies.

    I have tried to answer it .. see if this helps.

    Also see the live demo.. file attachedl

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