Transfer Selected Rows Of Multi-select And Multi-column Listbox To Range

  • <body><h2 align="center">Transfer Selected Rows Of Multi-Select and Multi-Column ListBox To Range Of Cells On Worksheet</h2><p class="l"><b>See Also: <a href="">Multi-Selected ListBox</a> &amp; </b><a href=""><b>Loop through all Controls on a </b><em style="font-weight: bold; font-style: normal">UserForm</em></a><em style="font-weight: bold; font-style: normal"> &amp; </em><b><a href="">Move ListBox Item Up/Down</a></b></p><p class="l">The VBA code below will transfer all selected rows and columns of a <a href="">Multi-Selected ListBox</a><b>.</b> On loading the <a href="">UserForm</a>, the <b>ColumnCount Property</b> of the ListBox is set to as many columns as the <b>RowSource Property</b>.</p><h3><a href="">Download working example</a></h3>

    <h3><a href="">Download working example</a></h3></body>

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