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  • Is it possible to convert the text in a story ive written in word, from english to french?

    or is there any software that can do this?

  • Do a search on Google for Translation Software - one I found is

    I don't think there is an inbuilt feature in Word. You could have a look at -

  • If you are using XP then

    Translate or look up text in the dictionary of another language
    The feature described in this Help topic is only available if support for the language you are translating is enabled through Microsoft Office Language Settings.

    You can look up text in the dictionary of a different language, and perform basic translation of short phrases.

    On the Tools menu, point to Language, and then click Translate.


  • Thank you for your replies, i will look into grahams point, if i fail there i will look for the software, either way i will let you know how i get on...again thanks:guitar:

  • Just to say thanks to ROYUK.

    i managed to do what i wanted, on the systransoft site, it was for a assignment for my son, who hates french, i know its cheating but he can't get to grips with the subject, it made it so easy.

    to anyone else who is wanting to translate text, there are loads of languages on the site to convert to, you can enter upto 150 words, it will then translate immediately.

    again thanks for your help

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