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  • Hi,, is there a more efficient way to write this/??? Just curious.. If i increase the range excel crashes.. so i had to do a copy/paste about 5-6 times, but it's obviously not efficient. wondering a better way to go about getting the same thing done? Thanks!

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    Range JW10 is impossible in all my versions of Excel.... my columns stop at IV - umm have I messed something really obvious ?

    Wasn't quite sure whether that was a contigous range or not row 10 to 9948 but here's some code for column IV that would work quicker... maybe you will get the idea ?

    Sub jsttFormula()

    Dim llastRw As Long

    llastRw = 9948
    With Worksheets("Sheet4").Range("IV10")
    .Formula = "=VLOOKUP(RC14,'[bs.xls]BS'!R2C2:R2000C5,4,FALSE)"
    .AutoFill Destination:=Worksheets("Sheet4") _
    .Range("IV10:IV" & llastRw&)

    End With
    End Sub

    Hope this helps

  • sorry will, they are named ranges w/in the sheet. Every once in a while I have to add new rows in sorta random places.. so i was sick of changing the cell references.. So i gave them names. this way if i add something i can just add jw9950 etc... anyways.. i assume this changes ur code since they are not all in a row that i need the code in, they skip around... thanks!

  • You can assign the formula directly to all of your ranges.

    You may also want to see if putting the calculations in manual mode first helps the speed any.

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