• I go to work at 9am and I sit fiddling around in Excel, solving problems with formulae, writing the odd bit of VBA, all day, till 6pm, and I get paid a fortune.

    I hate it.

    Then I come home, log in at 7pm, sit fiddling around in Excel solving other peoples problems, with formulae and the odd bit of VBA, till around 11pm ish, volunteering, for free, not getting paid a penny.

    And I love it !

    how ?!?! if anyone can give me an insight into this sort of psychology, I'd be extrememly grateful as it makes no sense to me !!!

    I get paid to do it at work, and it's crap. I do it in my own time for free and it's great..... what's going on ?!?!


  • You can pick and choose your "assignments" here. If people started offering you money to solve the problems posted here, but told you which problems to solve, you'd probably refuse the money and give up.

  • Hi Chris,

    I agree with Denis. OK "money talks and we walk" but solving other peoples XL-issues for nothing is more stimulating because the lack of the pressure...

    ..and it´s weird to both work with XL professionally AND also have it as a hobby :cheers:

  • Positive feedback always helps. You don't always get that at work. When was the last time your boss sent you a smilie? :guitar: or said :thumbcoo: ?

  • Goodmorning Chris,
    I have to say that the kind of assistance I find here far exceeds any I've found in work situations--and this site is helping me to "love" my job as I can now resolve issues that frustrated me in the past.

    As an added bonus, this site is helping me stay one step ahead of my two teens (who were quickly leaving their mom in the dust behind them in computer technology). You all are my heros! :)

    Have a wonderful day!]

  • Quote

    I think there are many intrinsic factors which would neither lend themselves to be quantified nor identified or analyzed with our common scientific tools.

    You mean Excel can't solve this problem? :bsmile: :D :tongue:

    Software: OpenOffice 3.0/NeoOffice 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.5.6
    Humanware: Older than dirt

    Old, slow, and confused - but at least I'm inconsistent!

    (retired Excel 2003 user, 3.28.2008)

  • Im sure just as Jack does help MANY staff just as i do here, if not more so.

    I have a very NASTY bespoke software package to design on Monday ??? and im no programmer. I work in Finance, and help more than i should. Today i was called to Mail Merge in Word and i hate word best days, but either i do it or 200 letters to staff do not go out, CHEERFUL.

    I was told its all done just the merge, 15 minutes later i have set from scratch and merged and printed, its hard someday. Would not mind but you see my point. I was asked as a COMPUTER GURU, i was insulted at that. Im not.

    People expect - well this year will be Jacks year ... i plan to show what i can do and get taht help to others, my day will come.

    Now i am expected to do such at managements requests. And when i do my own stuff they moan!!!!

    Now i work on security holes and cause much agro, and give them heavy issues to deal with, when its techi stuff, my managements disagree. But Directors agree and back my comments.

    Ever understood the expression ........ pond!!! Would not mind but us guys can save weeks of work on the staff time in days, and save $$$$$$$$$ but hey what does Jack know?

    Last software in Excel VBA i wrote was complex, and a debt of 50,000 USD was owed, and my work got that paid as our company software can not do what Jack little application could.

    All i did at home and had to import array text data from reposts [6 reports] and convert and all sorts.

    I spend two weeks sleeping at 2 to 4 am to do this and all the testing after work.

    I never even got a thank you, yesterday i got acknowledgement I wrote the work, thus my new project. But no thanks.

    So why do i do all i do???

    I like to share and help, and expect nothing in return, but the thanks i get is a little hard to handle sometimes, but i guess that’s my payment, a few kind words directed to me. Best the boss!!

    Jack in the UK

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