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  • Would it be possible to disallow post/reply if not logged in?

    The only reason I bring it up is because I've already forgot to login once and posted something anon and then I couldn't edit/delete it.

    ...or have you already set it up that way and I just haven't noticed?

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  • I believe it is possible with XMB forums to disallow Anonymous posting.

    This Ozgrid board actually has the most open policy that I've seen on a forum. Most boards do not allow anonymous postings and also require a validation email step when creating a new account.

    Maybe now that the board is established anonymous posting could be disabled. "Anonymous" keeps showing up as top poster...and I prefer helping users with names.
    Just my 2 cents (Cdn.).

  • Hi,

    I think that Dave have to decided to allow "A" to post in the start of the board.

    Doug, I agree with You and I think therefore we, regular visitors, have a special obligation to work to keep all the "rules" away.

    In that way no one can challenge the "system" :)

  • Hi Guys

    I hear and appreciate what you are saying. I know myself that trying to help users with no user name can be frustrating.

    As Dennis has said, Anonymous postings are being allowed until the board is established. It would appear that the board is established enough to prevent "Anonymous postings". I think it is only fair to make the answering of questions as pleasant as possible for you guys. Soooooo, no more Anonymous postings :nana:

  • Dave, sorry to bring this old chestnut back to life but could you clarify the Anonymous issue for me... i.e. where can/can't Anons post.... ??

    In the past few days I've been moving a number of Anon posts around, specifically from the Hey that's Cool forum.... can you lock that one down as well?



  • WillR

    We here promote teh family thing on OzGrid, and as such im happy how thigs are, i get your points, and they are noted. Let me know if its an issue and i will do all i can. But i dont wont to loose the open friendly no hidden secrets way i / we all are. This is important to me


  • Jack,

    It is an issue. That's why I raised it...

    I can't see that stopping anonymous postings in the hey that's cool section takes anything away from the "family thing" on Ozgrid...

    I don't get what you mean about "hidden secrets" ..... anyone can post if registered (i.e. have 2 minutes to spare), and as far as i'm aware, there are no "hidden secrets"....

    surely this is just an Admin issue that will save people like me some very valuable it housekeeping.... it just appears that people are starting to post anonymously in the couple of forums that they can beacause they can't be bothered to register....

    Surely it's a good idea to have registered posts in the cool forum anyway, so that people can contact posters by U2U if they feel they want to expand on the ideas... I know that I have done that on a number of occasions....

    cheers mate,


    Edit: also as Aaron says, it stops the "accidental" posting when not logged in....

  • WillR

    Firstly a very big personal sorry from me, as I have posted Anno, yes that was me from work, gawd knows why.

    I mean by no secrets we openly discuss like we are he, I happen / we happen to like this, its best, agree or not is not the issue, it’s a way all can chip in, which is important, kind of we all decide.

    Re family site, spot on it is, cool or what, but guys like yourself, other Mods, Dave and all the members made it such, and I must say like no other site. I will add that your work along with Richie and RoyUK is second to none I see on any of many forums, I use non Software boards also, and this I see and believe, I can not pass adequate thanks and praise to you all. As for moving posts, I fully understand and agree but that’s why this place is so great, its fast crisp and clean, again as a results of the quality of senior staff we have and the efforts delivered every day on OzzGrid.

    Your comments are that’s it’s an issue you have made clear, I hope you did not mind the comments, but seems that this feed is gaining posts to back this.

    From my personal point of view I have only ever hated Anno posts and nothing will change my opinions of this. I feel sensible names are best even sign names are fine.

    As we and the posts on this feed agree, I vote to say now OzGrid is of age we move to full registration of members and Anno posts are no more. I will speak with Dave and make the required adjustments with Dave’s approval.

    Kindest possible regards


  • Jack,

    Cheers mate.... you know it's nothing personal - you have nothing to apologise for!! :biggrin:

    oops, it seems I forgot to log in :spin:

    your buddy Will.... (anon)

  • Ah'd be a Goal Hanger where I come from... :biggrin:

    (That's a soccer term if you hadn't realised- Definition: someone who hangs around the goalmouth so that in the scramble before the ball goes in the net, it could quite easily bounce in off the "Hanger")


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