Printing Multiple Documents

  • I have a terms & conditions document that is in word form that I want to print out with a bid done in excel format. I have piecemealed together a macro that will open/print/close the relevant word document but I am having trouble getting both documents to print to the same printer. My macro I developed is

    The excel document is printing to the correct printer but the word document continues to print to the default printer. This is my first ever post so I apologize if the format of the question is wrong and any suggestions to the format will be done. Thanks in advance.

  • Re: Printing Multiple Documents

    Just a thought here. I'm by no means a wizard with this but can't you just copy and past your terms & conditions document on to a work sheet in excel. Then use this macro and put "print" in the A1 cell of your terms & Conditions doc and your bid. run this macro and both or as many as you want will print.

    I do not know how to fix your macro but i think this would be and easy work around.

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